Zero-touch business mode on: PANJIT’s products are now available shopped on direct sales online store on

It covers seven product lines, more than 1000 components can be selected; moreover, it is convenient ordering and fast delivery

PANJIT International Inc. online store officially opened on the business platform of on August 10th ,2020. The product category covers seven product lines of PANJIT products, including Diode Rectifiers, Schottky, MOSFET, Zener diodes, ESD protection, Bipolar Junction Transistors, and Transient Voltage Suppressors. The product types online are diverse, with more than 1,000 components available for customers to choose and order; on the other hand, PANJIT’s online store provides stable inventory and immediate delivery for customers’ design in different industries.

In the future, PANJIT's TechDesign online store will hold promotional activities irregularly. If you want to know more product-related event news, please follow PANJIT's official website and the latest news released on our social media, Linkedin and Wechat official account.

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