PANJIT International Inc. sponsors Taipei Tech Racing

PANJIT International Inc. (PANJIT) was invited to participate in the new technology conference and commemorative retrospective exhibition held by the National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) on July 7th, 2020. Taipei Tech launched the electric vehicle "TTR5-EV02" this year and with attend the Student Formula Racing Competition (FSAE) hosted by the SAE International in Japan. This event, which has a 40-year history throughout the world, and been participated by well-known universities over the world each year, is known as "the Student F1". Students compete in the ability of building vehicles, which includes design, manufacturing, testing, management, marketing, etc..

This year will be the 5th time for Taipei Tech to compete in the FSAE. Captain Zheng mentioned that the racing car “TTR5-EV02” is a 100% electric car equipped with TRR4-EV01 chassis with upgraded stability, safer power system. It is also the very first student-made domestic formula racing car with a single cockpit. In response to the design innovation, Taipei Tech has collaborated with PANJIT and other companies in the automotive industry to build the E14 model. PANJIT has sponsored varies components such as MOSFETs, Protection devices and Diodes, used in the vehicle ECU-Controller and CAN BUS to improve the performance and speed of the E-Vehicle.

PANJIT is honored to attend this event, we also look forward to seeing students shine in international events.

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