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  • Investors

    Investor Contact

    If you need further inquiries or have any suggestions for PANJIT investor relations, please contact us through the following methods.Thank you!

    Contact information
  • Stakeholder

    Stakeholder Relationship

    Company has established strict monitoring procedures regarding confidentiality and protection of the information for our stakeholders, that extends to our employees, suppliers, customers, investors and others interested.

    In case of a compliant about company's matter, please contact us through the following methods.Thank you!

    Contact information
  • Green Product

    Green Product Service Contact

    PANJIT International Inc. is ISO9001 and IATF16949 qualified, we also have QC080000 certification for our products, ensure not to use conflict metal, and GP of other international brands such as HP, Sony, Samsung etc..PANJIT values customer's request, and commit to response all the request rapidly and accurately.
    The Green Product service contact window as below:

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