PANJIT Testing and Technical Capabilities

Introduction to the professional testing environment of PANJIT:

Key electrical tests, professional failure analysis, and stable reliability testing can all be done in the laboratories of PANJIT. PANJIT owns a characterization laboratory, a failure analysis laboratory, and a reliability laboratory. The three professional laboratories have all been qualified by international renowned manufacturers.

Characterization tests include static and dynamic electrical tests (high-voltage 3KV/High-current 300A), ISO 16750, ISO 7637, etc. The items performed in the failure analysis laboratory include the non-destructive analysis (EVI/CLSM/X-ray/SAT) and the destructive analysis (DPA/SEM). Items performed in the reliability laboratory include HAST/TST/TCT/PCT/H3TRB/CDM/HBM…etc.

Besides providing steady high-quality products, PANJIT offers customers more value-added services so that the application design of your products fulfills even sounder quality assurance.

Testing Equipment Introduction

  • Characterization Laboratory

    Electrical Property Experiment

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  • Reliability Laboratory

    Product Reliability Experiment

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  • FA Laboratory

    Failure / Appearance Analysis

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