Reliability Laboratory

  • Intermittent Operating Life Test (IOL)

    Characterize the lifetime and package reliability by running electric ON/OFF under room temperature
    Max 100V / 50A(Max 2400W)
    Max 600V / 8A(Max 1200W)

  • High Temperature Reverse Bias test (HTRB)

    Measures and evaluates leak current behavior under stress conditions due to high temperature and high voltage in time dependent breakdown tests of insulating film of power devices.
    VR MAX:2000V
    Temp. Max: 200℃

  • Autoclave test

    Measures and evaluates the device under high temperature, high voltage and high pressure.
    Temp: 105~142.9℃
    Humidity: 75~100%RH

  • Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)

    HAST is a highly accelerated method of electronic component reliability testing using temperature and humidity as the environmental parameters
    Humidity: 75~100%RH

  • Temperature and Humidity test

    Temperature and humidity testing measures how components behave in severe environments, involve elevated temperatures and high humidity.
    Humidity: 40~98%RH

  • High Humidity High Temperature Reverse Bias Test (H3TRB)

    VR MAX:100V
    Humidity: 40~98%RH

  • Thermal Shock test

    Evaluates the reliability of test samples by repeatedly applying rapidly alternating high and low temperatures
    Temp : -80~185℃

  • Low Temperature test

    Evaluates the reliability of test samples by applying low temperatures.
    Temp : -75~100℃

  • Power Temperature Cycling test

    This test is performed to determine the ability of a device to withstand alternate exposures at high and low temperature extremes with operating biases periodically applied and removed.
    Temp: -45~125℃