The power supply provides stable energy that electronic equipment needs, helping with efficiency and energy saving to meet international energy standards (including 80 Plus®, ERP Lot6, and Energy Star). With the increasing number of electronic devices being carried, adapters and chargers tend to be lightweight, thin, high-efficiency, and fast-charging.

As portable and wearable electronic products with the ability to connect to the internet and cloud computing functions increase, the need for improving charging convenience, shortening charging time, and maintaining efficiency output has become key to technological development. Quick chargers and USB power delivery (PD chargers) are the solutions. PD chargers utilize USB ports or USB Type-C for quick charging and can also be used as a power source for electronic devices, making them suitable for electronic products ranging from 5V to 28V. PANJIT has been supplying power supply components for over three decades, and we understand the design needs for different power densities and have a diverse product portfolio. From MOSFETs for HV/LV power switches to ESD protection components for USB Type-C interfaces, PANJIT offers the best solution options.

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