One key aspect of power supply unit (PSU) design is to ensure that the power is delivered as a safe and highly efficient energy source.

PANJIT products are often used in the primary and secondary sides of the power system. Power factor correction (PFC) structures can be used to improve power quality, but they must comply with international regulations such as Energy Star, 80 Plus®, and ErP Lot6. When designing a PSU circuit, it is important to consider the power factor and verify that the PFC structure meets the required levels.

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Server Power PD Charger / Power Adapter DC-DC Brick Power UPS

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the main power source for electronic devices. The international regulations for product power consumption are becoming more and more strict due to the trend toward energy saving and carbon reduction mindset. From power chargers for low-voltage mobile devices, to UPS and server power supplies that require high power performance, whether it is an AC-DC conversion topology or DC-DC brick power, the device requirements are all low power consumption, high performance and high reliability. PANJIT has a complete range of discrete devices that are key components for various power supply design solutions. Our SMT bridge and low FOM MOSFET products improve power density; ESD protection components and TVS can better protect the power management IC from damage caused by external instantaneous high pressure.