Characterization Laboratory

  • Capacitance Meter

    Including E4980AL tester, which is capable to test Voltage from 0 volt to 150 volts, and capacitance with 4-digit resolution in any range.
    And also BOON 7200 tester, which is capable to test Voltage from 0 volt to 60volts, and capacitance to 4000PF.

  • Static Electrical Parameter

    Including TESEC-881-TT/A, JUNO-DTS1000, TVR6100, TVR6020 and PVF500 tester for Static electrical measurement.

  • Transient Immunity test for Automotive grade device

    ISO7637 tester is specific for load dump testing of Automotive grade protection device, test under ISO7637 / ISO16750 spec.

  • Reverse Surge and Forward Surge Tester (PIF Tester)

    Model SSG6000H (MAX:5A) is using on Reverse Surge measurement.
    Model PIF1800, PIF8000, PSIF2004, PIF500AR is using on testing Forward Surge.

  • Clamping Voltage Tester

    VC6850 - 8/20, VC6750- 10/1000, VC5300L -10/1000, VC400A 10/10000 are using on Clamping Voltage testing, for peak pulse power capability at 8 /20us ,10/1000us,10/10000us waveform.

  • Dynamic Parametric Test System

    ITC57300 tester is using for getting AC parameter of MOS and IGBT device.

  • Single Pulse Avalanche Stress

    ITC 55100 and PER-8000T (FRED) are using to get the single pulse avalanche rating (EAS).

  • ESD testing

    KT-200-SG testing is using on getting the ESD rating of Air Model and Contact Model.