PANJIT's New Ultra-Low VF Bridge Series: Optimizing Power Efficiency and Reliability

PANJIT proudly introduces its latest Ultra-Low VF Bridge Rectifier Series. Engineered with oxide planar chip junction technology and featuring PI protection layers, this series is poised to redefine the standards of power efficiency and reliability across various applications.

Low Forward Voltage & Leakage Current

PANJIT's Ultra-Low VF Bridge Series stands out for its superior performance and durability. Experience unparalleled efficiency in the industry with an incredibly low forward voltage of 0.74V@125°C*, which reduces energy waste and optimizing power utilization. With minimal actual leakage current of 20uA at 125°C*, this bridge rectifier series guarantees efficient power transmission, enhancing system reliability and stability, even in the most demanding conditions.

Versatile High-power Applications

Benefit from the superior wafer fabrication process stability offered by PANJIT's Ultra-Low VF Bridge Series. This stability translates to consistent, high-quality performance in a wide array of applications, including server power, AI power, telecom power, gaming power, and 80+ platinum/titanium PC power, among other high-power applications.

Environmentally Conscious and Compliant

PANJIT's Ultra-Low VF Bridge Series is engineered with the environment in mind. The efficiency optimization not only benefits the products’ bottom lines but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable planet. The series is also fully compliant with EU RoHS 2.0 standards and halogen-free according to the IEC 61249 standard, this series minimizes its ecological footprint. Choosing PANJIT means choosing sustainability.

Setting New Standards

PANJIT's Ultra-Low VF Bridges stand out with three groundbreaking features that set a new standard for bridge rectifiers in the industry and paving the way for powerful performance technology and a sustainable future for active components.
1. Highest Forward Current in the Industry (IF = 35A)*
2. Lowest Forward Voltage in the Industry (VF = 0.74V)*
3. Maximum Operating Junction Temperature of 175 °C* (TJ Max.), maximize the efficiency of high-power applications and improve heat dissipation capabilities.

Product List

Explore the comprehensive list of bridge rectifiers available HERE.
*For detailed specifications of each product, please refer to the datasheet.


PANJIT International Inc. (TWSE: 2481) owns vertical integration capability and IDM design technology. Our business scope covers wafer design, manufacturing, and packaging to sales of our own brand. PANJIT continues to invest resources in innovation and R&D, enhancement automation, optimize manufacturing workmanship; related products are MOSFET, SiC diode, FRED, bridge rectifier, rectifier diode, Schottky diode, TVS, ESD, and BJT. They are devoted to EV, wind power, solar power, and UPS energy storage systems, through active deployment in the global market and marketing strategies. Products are qualified base on JEDEC standards and manufactured in manufacture sites with relevant system certificates, such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14000, ISO45001, IECQ QC080000, and ESD S20.20. We expect to increase our Influence on the environment, with a commitment to reduce global carbon emissions and will be an advocate for the industry toward low-carbon sustainable development, in order to achieve carbon neutrality before 2040.

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