PANJIT announced to join the Hon Hai MIH Alliance and cooperate with other suppliers to enter the electric vehicle industry supply chain.

PANJIT International Inc. announced that it has joined the electric vehicle platform, "MIH Alliance" established by Hon Hai. After Hon Hai MIH Alliance was published on October 16, 2020, upholding the spirit of openness and sharing, more than 200 manufacturers have joined so far. PANJIT is also one of MIH Alliance member now. In the future, it will make effort to get into the electric vehicle and self-driving car market, actively enter the global electric vehicle supply chain; and accelerate its entry into the field of electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles.

The third-generation semiconductors play an important role in the field of high-voltage products for automotive and industrial control applications. PANJIT continues to invest R&D funds in the third-generation silicon carbide semiconductor materials. Currently, it has launched silicon carbide Schottky and fast recovery diodes (FRED) products. In the future, it is aimed at the development of high-end products such as new products, Super Junction MOSFET, SGT MV MOSFET, SiC MOSFET and IGBT and production line investment. As a member of the electric vehicle platform, "MIH Alliance", PANJIT has responsibility for consolidating the stability of the electric vehicle industry with other members in alliance, stabilize the supply demand of the electric vehicle supply chain, and make the related orders of future electric vehicle and production line operations more stable and smooth.

It is expected that PANJIT will join the MIH alliance and collaborate with various international manufacturers to continue to grow strong, and to fulfill the mission of the platform alliance to help promote collaboration in the field of electric vehicles, practice key technologies, component development and mass production, and establish related tests and certification standards.

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