ESD Total solution for Vehicle Communication Interface

The global usage of automotive electronic components continues to grow as we develop into V2X. The automotive electronic units communicate via the communication bus: LIN (Local Interconnect Network), CAN (Control Area Network) and Flexray. Since the transmission speed becomes faster, it is necessary to add ESD protection discrete around the main chip or interfaces with weak electrostatic protection to maintain sustainable transmission quality. PANJIT newly developed automotive grade Bi-directional ESD protection discrete come with 8V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 36V, assembled in SOD-123, SOD-323, SOT-23, SOT-323 and SOT-523 package. All are AEC-Q101 qualified which has low clamping voltage and high anti-static 30KV capacity to enhance product reliability.


• AEC-Q101 qualified
• Bi-directional high ESD robustness up to 30KV
• Excellent clamping voltage
• SOT package with lead add Sn plating capability

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