WBG Components Technology and Future Application Seminar on 10th Mar.

Develop Trend and Key Technology of SiC Devices

Wide Band Gap (WBG) devices aka the third generation semiconductor materials, GaN and SiC, is featured with high energy bandgap, thermal conductivity, breakdown electric field and electron velocity. With these features, WBG devices are suitable to use on products that requires high voltage power supply structure, e.g. 5G base station, EV, industrial 4.0, Renewable energy. WBG devices have several of advantage then Si devices, yet the wafer technology and application circuit design requires significant knowledge. PNAJIT is invited to present “Develop Trend and Key Technology of SiC Devices” by Tech Taipei (EET Taiwan), the presenting topics are:
1. SiC Target Market & PANJIT Tech Roadmap
2. Develop Trend of SiC Diode
3. Key Technology of SiC Diode
4. PANJIT SiC Diode Roadmap
5. Develop Trend of SiC MOSFET
6. Key Technology of SiC MOSFET
Welcome to visit and have a discussion

Location: 201, 2/F, NTUH International Convention Center, Taiwan
Date: March, 10th, 2022
Seminar Hours: 09:00~17:30(Chinese present)

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