2022 PANJIT Family Day- Love the Earth, Plant Trees

On June 25th, we cooperated with Kaohsiung I Plant for Life Corporation to hold the activity- "Love the Earth, Plant Trees" in the Jiading Wetland, Kaohsiung. In addition to adhere to the ESG concept, we also combined with PANJIT’s Family Day, inviting employees and their families to contribute to the coastal ecology and environmental protection through actual Green practices. We hope to add more ecological diversity to this important migratory bird habitat in Taiwan through afforestation.

Behind the Scenes

Today, the saplings we planted with love in hope that one day they will grow into a big tree, and these big trees will eventually become a forest, bringing more space for migratory birds that come to spend the winter, and for the animals and plants in the wetlands.


The authoritative scientific journal - Science Magazine published research paper confirming that planting trees is the cheapest and most effective way to resist global warming. Every extra tree on the Earth can reduce 12 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

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