Career Development

  • Create Value

    Creating value offers the momentum to keep growing. Talent is the most valued asset. We offer substantial on-the-job training, comprehensive learning access and diversified career paths reflective of personal aspirations and competencies to help you take root in your specialized field or advance management skills, constantly pursue breakthroughs, realize a wonderful career, and create the value that belongs to yourself.

Learning and Development System

On-the-Job Training

  • Management competency

  • Professional competency

  • Special skills

Learning and Development System


  • Specialized training for new hires

  • General training for new hires

  • Employee safety and health and health promotion

  • Human resources and corporate social responsibilities

  • Quality system and hazardous substance management

Diverse Learning and Development Channels

  • On-the-job Training

    Project assignment Rotation mechanism Mentorship

  • Classroom Course

    Celebrity workshop Program lecture Experiential learning

  • Personal Development

    Books, newspapers, and magazines Continuing education

  • E-Learning

    Digital course

Salary & Welfare

A comprehensive employee compensation and welfare policy that meets all the needs of employees' work & life.

Competitive Reward

We offer compensation that is competitive on the market and the performance rating system is linked with the reward system. We attract, retain, incubate, and inspire outstanding talent in all respects believing in sharing profits with employees.

Sound Insurance and Retirement Systems

In addition to statutory labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly pension contribution, we provide the group insurance that covers major diseases for better protection of employee’s life.

Employee Health Management

The employee health examinations are organized periodically each year and there are assistance solutions available for employees where medical specialists visiting the plant provide medical consultation service.

Continuing Education Subsidies

Colleagues are encouraged to pursue continuing education and there is the scholarship available for those with outstanding academic performance.