Care for Our Employees

Annual employee travel

We offer employees domestic and international travel subsidies and the plant is closed on the annual employee travel day. All colleagues can bring their family members on the employee tour and let them feel the warmth at PANJIT.

Diverse benefits

There are the birthday, festival, funeral and wedding, child birth, and travel subsidies, and affiliated store discounts available. Gifts are provided on Father’s Day/Mother’s Day, too, to show the love PANJIT has towards its people and their families.

Internal events

Group competitions: Group competitions are held, such as the group rope skipping contest, to inspire teamwork potential by partnering with different units. House cultural screening campaign: Examples include The PANJIT’ New Year Blessing Bag screening and house photography contests. The plenary events are open for all colleagues regardless of their ranking and function and offer opportunities for colleagues to show their other talent.
Hiking and cycling: There are related hiking and cycling events in Kaohsiung City to help boost physical and mental fitness and health and to facilitate giving back to society.

Employee health management

The employee health examinations are organized periodically each year and there are assistance solutions available for employees where medical specialists visiting the plant provide medical consultation service.

Public interest events

Financial aids to elementary schools: Financial aids have been available for local elementary schools over the long term in order to support education for disadvantaged students.
Long-term sponsorship to social welfare organizations: The Company has been a long-term sponsor of social welfare organizations and has been helping disadvantaged groups and children without family by providing related resources as an effort to give back to society.