Gen. 2 SGT MOSFETs, ideal for brick power DC-DC converter topology

PANJIT, one of the leading power MOSFET manufacturers, launches a series of Gen. 2 SGT MOSFET targeting to provide efficient design solutions for DC-DC converter topologies in brick power modules. This Gen. 2 MOSFET is a 100V SGT series with 18 parts of the standard level and 17 parts of the logic level. It is assembled in power package such as DFN5060, and DFN3333, which is suitable to use on various brick sizes.
Different from Gen. 1 SGT MOSFET, PANJIT applied new know-how on our second generation SGT MOSFET wafer, which enables us to generate the lowest gate charge and RDSON in the industry, creating excellent FOM to optimize various topology efficiency. Furthermore, as this series comes in various package type and due to the product characteristic, DC-DC converter systems that require low FOM and high voltage MOSFETs, such as industrial power, and telecom power are also suitable to use PANJIT’s GEN. 2 SGT MOSFET.

Brick Power Block Diagram and Size

FOM Performance

System Efficiency Performance

Product List


PANJIT International Inc. (TWSE: 2481) owns vertical integration capability and IDM design technology. Our business scope covers wafer design, manufacturing, and packaging to sales of our own brand. PANJIT continues to invest resources in innovation and R&D, enhancement automation, optimize manufacturing workmanship; related products are MOSFET, SiC diode, FRED, bridge rectifier, rectifier diode, Schottky diode, TVS, ESD, and BJT. They are devoted to EV, wind power, solar power, and UPS energy storage systems, through active deployment in the global market and marketing strategies. Products are qualified base on JEDEC standards and manufactured in manufacture sites with relevant system certificates, such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14000, ISO45001, IECQ QC080000, and ESD S20.20. We expect to increase our Influence on the environment, with a commitment to reduce global carbon emissions and will be an advocate for the industry toward low-carbon sustainable development, in order to achieve carbon neutrality before 2040.

Sample available

These new products can be purchased from PANJIT's E-commerce channels DigiKey, Mouser.

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