Power MOSFETs for Wireless Charging Transmitter

The wireless charging transmitter transfers the electromagnetic field to the battery receiver of its application, therefore, in order for the wireless charger to work properly, a high-efficiency power MOSFET solution is required. PANJIT provides a serial of power MOSFETs assembled in low profile package which saves space while delivering similar on-resistance and thermal resistance.

PANJIT is a supplier to the power transmitter and receiver components, supporting the evolution of wireless power technology by providing advance product solutions; as the technology of wireless chargers continues to improve, people will have more opportunities for charging and enjoying a smarter life.

> Product Features
• Low FOM (RDS(on) x Qg)
• Low profile package outline
• Exposed thermal pads
• Logic level 4.5V rated

> Benefit
• Low switching Losses
• High switching frequency operation
• Low operating temperature
• Low gate drive losses

> Application
• Wireless charging pads
• Wireless charging sockets
• Wireless charging case
• Wireless charging station


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