• 01

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Care about the rights and interests of customers, employees, suppliers, society and the environment.

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  • 02

    Ethical Management

    To meet corporate ethical standards, PANJIT establish a good corporate governance and risk control mechanism.

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  • 03

    Environmental Sustainability and Occupational Safety

    To build an equal and safe workplace environment, and care the healthy development of employees.

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  • 04

    Employee Care

    Provide employees with a safe working environment and help employees balance their work and life.

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  • 05

    Employee Benefits

    Hold the spirit that employees is the company's strategic partner and the most important asset.

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  • 06

    Community Involvement

    PANJIT supports and participates in community care,various educational, cultural and social activities.

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  • 07

    Supplier Management

    Working with suppliers to improve quality, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibilities.

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